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“Our mission is to help and inspire individuals all over the world to Zoom In On Different.”



Our team at OPTTICO is dedicated to providing you with innovative products that make everyday living easier, more productive and less stressful.                                                         Through our products we want to provide a simple, unobtrusive change from what is annoying and frustrating in your home and office, to something that is pleasant and welcoming.                                                                                       Our philosophy in designing our products is to keep them simple, elegant and functional. Design should enhance your life and our products do exactly that. Whether it be something simple like precision double bearings, or an extra layer of polyurethane material on a chair’s caster wheels, or more sophisticated like a new generation of solar panel chargers which will charge your phone faster and in less than optimal conditions.




Our mission is to strive for the best quality products and deliver the best customer service. We constantly search to uncover the best solutions for life’s everyday tasks and we are absolutely committed to providing the very highest quality of products and accessories for your home and office.  We create or personally source our products from the most reputable manufacturers. We have them stored at our warehouse where we check and test them ourselves to make sure they are working properly before they are sent out to our customers.We are not here to compete with big companies and their cheap mass produced products, and we are not here to give you the lowest price for something which will disintegrate in your hands after a few uses. Instead, we want to fill the gap in the quality and customer attention these companies often lack.




We are a family run enterprise with a strong set of values that guide our business and help us to align ourselves with our customers. We are super passionate about building a business where each of our customers matter and whose issues are taken seriously and resolved ASAP. 

We promise to deliver superior quality products and charge you a fair price for them. We will never compromise the quality of our products just to compete with unethical competitors who are selling cheap imitations to make some extra profit. More often than not, the phrase “You get what you pay for” is true now in the era of exploding e-commerce.