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Premium Office Chair Caster Wheels Replacement                                                                       They not only replace your cheap plastic chair wheels but they also bring you a piece of mind. Just put these dead-gorgeous wheels on your desk chair and you’ll never again have to worry about scratched hardwoods, snagged carpets or rattling and squeaking. These premium chair wheels roll smoothly and almost silently on any hard surface including hardwood and laminate floors, ceramic and marble tiles, concrete, linoleum,vinyl and short carpet. This is why we call them the “OFFICE GLIDERS”.

Our chair casters are super easy to install and they fit most premium chair brands. The rock-solid design and construction, implementation of real premium materials, will guarantee their effortless and silent rolling for the rest of your chair’s life.


  • I moved into a new house with bamboo engineering floors and found out that my chair was scratching up the floors. When looking for a replacement I came across Opttico’s office gliders.  I replaced the old stock wheels with my new gliders. They fit perfectly and I didn’t have to use any tools. They are extremely well built, made out of steel parts and good quality rubber. They are not only super quiet but never scuffed up or marked up my floors. In addition, they look so nice! That was a very good investment to protect my floors and give my office chair a new fresh look!

    By Joe N., Illinois.

  • Had to get new wheels for my home office chair because I recently had laminate flooring installed and the original office chair caster wheels would have scratched the new flooring. Let me tell you that these wheels are super smooth as silent. I’ve placed these on two different chairs and they were super easy to install.

    By Cris_M, New York.


    Quietest wheels I’ve ever used. The build quality seems top notch and the rubber has enough give that it doesn’t seem like it has a potential to scratch on my hardwood. Atheistically a little ugly, but that’s up to personal taste and the photos are an accurate representation of what you’ll get.

    ByPhilon November 16, 2016

  • “Love love love my new wheels for my office chair! I have two more chairs I need to update. My chair no longer chews up the rug in the office as I move from desk to file cabinet to printer. It just glides!”

    ByPatti H.on November 8, 2016

  • I’ve tried multiple different brands. These are great. Good solid make and they are very quiet. It takes about 14 seconds to change your old castors out to these new wheels. I’ll likely order more for other chairs in our office.

    Amazon Customer 


  • These are pretty fine wheels. I can confirm they do not harm my beautiful maple hardwood floor. The added height from larger dismetrrr wheels solved my petite wife”s ergonomic issue with our computer workstation as I hoped.

    ByMichael Hanslitson December 1, 2016


  • I love these castor roller blade wheels. All the office chairs today seem to come with plastic castors on them and eventually the plastic splits and leaves black marks on the floor or your mat. These are real rubber wheels and are clear so they don’t leave marks, they roll very easy, and they are quiet. No more breaking of plastic castors or leaving marks on the floor.

    ByMetairieMouseon November 26, 2016